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If you have an interest in adopting a certain greyhound, don't wait -- file your application ASAP, even if the dog has an application pending, anything can happen. There is no obligation at the application stage, however, the application does guarantee that you have the right of first refusal on that particular dog. Email for more information.

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Happy New Happy (JK App)
Male - 70 lbs. - 3 years 6 months old
Happy is named correctly... he's a waggie tailed boy who loves attention and he'll lean on you all day! He's small animal safe and gets along with everyone. Happy does get eyedrops each day for what may be the beginnings of pannus, but he also has several bottles of drops that will go with him, and this can easily be controlled. He's a very sweet boy who deserves a soft couch.
Abby New Abby (Abby Whelan)
Female - 55 lbs. - 2 years 1 month old
Abby is another very timid little girl, but she is friendly and wants to be loved. You can approach her cautiously and she will allow you to pet her. She gets along with the other dogs and is sharing a space with Cookie; they are getting along fine. She won't ever be a leader, but she'll surely be a lover. There is some information from her previous foster mom that she may be able to jump a 4-foot fence, although she didn't actually do it, so we would recommend that she be leash-walked or that you have a higher fence. She is small animal safe and was fostered with a young girl so she can get along with kids once she warms up. Update: She gets along with the other greys; was play-bowing with them and came up to us with grooming. She will warm up within a couple of days and will be a great, quiet girl with a sweet spirit.
Shirley New Shirley (DC ShirleyUJest)
Female - 55 lbs. - 3 years 7 months old
Shirley is a little cutie, with a personality to match. She's outgoing and friendly, sweet and loveable. She's getting along well with the other dogs. She is cat-safe and as far as we know, would get along with kids. Very friendly and sweet.
Cookie New Cookie (NB's BlackNWhite)
Female - 55 lbs. - 0 years 3 months old
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Cookie is Sherry's sister, but she's not quite as timid. She is cautious but approachable and like Sherry, Cookie will need patience and love to come out of her shell. She is cat-safe and will most likely do best with older children. She is getting along well with the other dogs and would do well in a pack where she does not have to be the leader. Updates to come. Update: Cookie gets along fine with the other greys but she is very cautious with being approached. She'll crouch down when you come up to her but will allow you to leash her and/or move her around with no reactions. Again, like her sister, we believe she'll be fine after a few days and some patience.
Sherry New Sherry (NB's She's A Hit)
Female - 55 lbs. - 2 years 3 months old
Sherry is a gorgeous little girl, but she's afraid of everything and everybody. She is going to need some patience and love, and even in the short time she has been here, she's a bit better and we can approach her and touch her without incident. You can lead her, she eats well, but she does not like other dogs nosing at her. We'll give updates on her as she goes along but right now, she's content to be in a dark, quiet space. This baby is breaking our heart right now. Update: Sherry is going to need time to settle in whatever home she goes to. She is timid but will allow us to approach her and to pet her. She even rolled over for us yesterday. She has been known to slip a collar so a harness will be required for her, which we will provide. She'll come around with love and patience.
Edie New Edie (Eden of Rukus)
Female - 55 lbs.
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Edie is a 3-year-old, 58-pound black tuxedo beauty. She is super friendly and very sweet. Edie is not shy or fearful, is cat-tolerant, and is OK with older children. She is alpha, however, and will need to be with a more submissive dog or would be perfect as an only dog. She's a real beauty who loves attention and gets along well with everyone.
Donna (Savs Dogma) No Kids
Female - 55 lbs. - 2 years old
Donna is another youngster at only 21 months and she's a gorgeous white girl with black spots. Donna has a unique nose... when she was a baby, one of her littermates bit off the tip of it! She is a bit cautious about loud noises and/or hands, so she'll need a bit of time to settle in. She's already settling in with us here, so I know it won't be long and she'll be fine. She would be great with another dog to help her come out of her shell, and would be best in a fence as she may be spooked on a leash at first. She is cat safe. Updates to come about this little beauty!
Caramelo Caramelo (Caramelo) No Cats No Dogs No Kids
Male - 70 lbs.
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Caramelo is a Spanish Galgo, available through SAGE (Save a Galgo Espanol). He is a confident boy who was treated well by his hunter until he had no further need of him; then he was dumped in a killing station but rescued by BaasGalgo. He is fearless and enjoys life. He's tall at 29 inches but loves people and long walks. He will need a 6-foot fence as he has a high prey drive. He is great on a leash and friendly towards strangers. He can be with other large dogs, especially females. He doesn't like other male dogs. He is not recommended for kids or small animals. He could be an only dog and does great in the car. He is a joy... and because of a generous sponsor, his adoption fee has been partially paid, so his adoption donation is $400.
Mercury Mercury (Mega Mercury)
Male - 70 lbs.
Mercury is also "cat curious" and his foster felt he could be OK with some experience and training. He is spunky outgoing and active, and would be better in a home with older (or no) children. Just gorgeous and loves to play with the other dogs. He is 3 years old and ready to go! Update: I don't think I've ever been around a happier grey. He just leaps with joy and plays fetch like a champ!