Dogs Available for Adoption

If you have an interest in adopting a certain greyhound, don't wait -- file your application ASAP, even if the dog has an application pending, anything can happen. There is no obligation at the application stage, however, the application does guarantee that you have the right of first refusal on that particular dog. Email for more information.

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Pants (Panhandler) No Cats
Male - 71 lbs. - 1 year 11 months old
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Pants is just about as mellow as they come. Nothing bothers him and he gets along with everyone. He's sweet, he smiles and kisses well, but he is not small animal safe. He is a beautiful soul in a beautiful raven coat with a wonky ear that won't lay back!
Kadin Kadin (Mohican Kadin)
Female - 60 lbs. - 2 years 2 months old
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Kadin is the most gorgeous sable brindle that we've ever seen! And, she has the longest helicopter tail we've ever seen, with a long white tip! She is very active, happy, she smiles, and she'll need lots of siblings or room to exercise. This little girl has lots of energy and is happy, happy, happy!
Vivi Vivi (JD Vivid)
Female - 61 lbs. - 4 years 2 months old
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Vivi is very playful, sweet, and beautiful. She is small animal safe and isn't too rough or dominant. What a cutie! More info to come!
Ching Ching (A Little Ching)
Male - 65 lbs. - 2 years 5 months old
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Ching is a little shy at first, but once he warms up, he is the sweetest boy. He is a follower, not a leader, and he is afraid of quick movements and loud noises. He seems to be working his way out of this and we believe that over time he will be OK, but at first, he'll need a harness when walking outside of a fenced yard. But what a love, and he is a gorgeous dark brindle... and those eyes!
Cracker Cracker (Pescadocracker)
Female - 60 lbs. - 3 years 7 months old
Cracker is a sweet, small black tuxedo girl. She is getting along with everyone and is just a joy to be around. She tested as cat safe but seems very interested in the small dogs around the kennel. You'd just have to try her and see how she does and perhaps a little training would be in order for her to coexist with little critters.
Bee (DKC Beetah)
Female - 61 lbs. - 3 years 10 months old
Bee is adorable! She has a lot of personality and is very playful and joyful... loves to run and play and is getting along beautifully with everyone. She is small animal safe and is just a delight to be around.
Belle (Atascocita Tybel)
Female - 65 lbs. - 3 years 2 months old
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Belle is a cute little 2 year old girl. She is friendly and happy and gets along well with the other dogs. She is marked as cat friendly but we see her being interested in one of the small boarder dogs so she'll probably need a bit of training in that department. Just a real sweetie pie!
Mama Mama (Dangerous Mama) No Cats No Kids
Female - 58 lbs. - 2 years 11 months old
Mama is a friendly, outgoing little thing, not afraid of anything or anybody! She comes when called, and is excellent in the car. She's relaxed and comfortable in a crate. She was fostered in Florida and she got along well with other, larger dogs. She does not like cats so will need a dog-only home. Sweet as pie and eager to please. Mama has just spent 10 weeks in the prison foster/training program, so she's ready to go! Update: Mama was tried in a home with a small dog but she is very possessive of toys and treats. Given this behavior, we would recommend that she be in a home with only larger dogs and probably no children.
Pecan (CTW Cooper Reese)
Male - 70 lbs. - 4 years 1 month old
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Pecan is named after the Alabama State Nut, because he's a big goofy red boy who loves to run and play. He's as sweet as he is tall, and is quiet in a crate. After the cat hit him in the face, he walked away and avoided contact. What a great, loveable boy he is! His foster mom says he's just about perfect; playful and loving. He walks perfectly on a leash, rides well in a car, and does great with kids.
Blackberry Blackberry (CTW Shantina)
Female - 60 lbs. - 3 years 11 months old
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Blackberry, named after the Alabama State Berry, is just an adorable little girl. She is happy, sweet, and loving. She ignored the cat and our small dogs. Updates to come.
Luke Luke (Luke Skywalker) No Cats
Male - 55 lbs.
Luke is about 11 months old. Luke is a half-grown puppy so he's happy, energetic, and loves to run and play. He is sweet and loving and likes other dogs and kids, although he tends to play rough. He would be great as an only dog, as long as he can get some play time with a ball or toy. Luke is currently in our prison foster/training program and he's doing very well at learning some manners. He will be available for adoption on 12/29. Luke had a serious medical problem when he came to us but it has resolved after surgery. Please ask for more information about this and know that Nittany will support any adopter with his medical care going forward. He also will have a reduced adoption fee.
Raider Raider (Joey Red Raider)
Female - 63 lbs. - 2 years 8 months old
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UPDATE: Raider has been in a foster home for several weeks now and she is doing very well... she loves running and playing with her greyhound foster-brother, is great with the resident cat, and walks well on a leash. She'll need a home with another dog she can play with. She prefers a quiet environment and will jump at loud noises. She is loving and affectionate and quiet in the home. She is crate trained as well. Raider will need some patience but after a transition time to get comfortable, she will be a fantastic companion.